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September 2014

Binh Duong Radio & Television Station has invested and been using the MediaAsset Management from Metus MAM distributed by MEGA combined with Xendata software to manage saved data on LTO digital tapes. The hardware of storage was based on 48TB NAS system capacity from Infortrend / Taiwan with the model was EonNAS 3016STE2.

In addition, MEGA also distributed products from LYNXTechnik AG/Germany, Apantac/USA, SoundDevices/USA brands which were used for HD Studio and Master Control Room of Binh Duong Station. The signal transmission from studio to MCR was applied using SD/HD-SDI to fiber optic transmission solution from LYNXTechnik AG/Germany ‘s Yellobrik product series.



August  2014

Master Control Room with 2-Channels of Kien Giang Radio & Television Station, had worked based-on old Analog equipments almost via Video Composite + Analog Audio interface,so the signal was much reduced quality through transmission stages and was interfered by RF signal (due to Kien Giang TV still uses AM Radio). Thanks to support and equipments solution supplied from MEGA, Kien Giang TV invested to use Analog to Digital Converter withAudio Embedded, SD/HD Distributionand Up/Down/CrossConversionequipments from LYNXTechnik AG / Germany. So far, the transmission of 2 channels were applied to use Video SDI/Audio Embedded interfacethen the picture quality of both channels were much improved as well as the interference from outside was absolutely removed.

For signal transmission, MEGA supplied fiber optic transmission equipment in 3G/HD/SDstandard which supports the transmission distance up to 80Km based on Yellobrik product series also from LYNXTechnik AG/Germany.



July 2014

MEGA Company made a demonstration to introduce products from brands Metus, Broadcast Pix, LYNXTechnik AG, DK-Technologies and SoundDevices to some of Radio & Television Stations on Vietnam Highlands included Tay Ninh, Dak Nong, Gia Lai and Kon Tum.

+ Some pictures at the demonstration :

- Pictures at Tây Ninh Radio & Television Station :










- Pictures at Dak Nong Radio & Television Station :








- Pictures at Gia Lai Radio & Television Station :








-Pictures at Kon Tum Radio & Television Station :










June 2014

MEGA Company combined with Sony Company (Professional Solution Division) and HP Vietnam Company together organized a seminar for 6 provinces at Central of Vietnam, included Khanh Hoa Radio & Television Station, Binh Thuan Radio & Television Station, Phu Yen Radio & Television Station, Quang Ngai Radio & Television Station and Quang Nam Radio & Television Station. The seminar was held at Khanh Hoa Radio & Television Station, MEGA presented about the process of digitizing and digitized files which used for television producing withSD/HD standard, especially MEGA talked the necessary to invest Media Asset Management system (MAM).








May 2014

With main products distributed by MEGA helped Tien Giang Radio & Television Station to digitize stages in their television program producing process then much improved program signal as well as increased effective in producing and program on-air everyday of Tien Giang TV.

For Master Control Room, the old analog equipments with Video Composite signal interfacewere absolutely removed and replaced by equipments in HD format (1920 x 1080 50i) overSDI with Audio Embedded interface. Analog to SDI converter processing, Video/Audio Mux, Distribution, Frame Synchronizer… equipments were from Series 5000 product of LYNXTechnik AG/Germany, Video HD Router 16x16 from Utah Scientific/USA, Multiviewer equipment from Apantac/USA and automation system from PlayBox.

For storage system and Media AseetManagement– MAM, the storage equipment was based on NAS system from Infortrend with the model EonNAS 5120-2, the MAM system was based on Metus MAM software combined with Xendata software to manage data storage on LTO digital tape of HP with StoreEver MSL2024 family.

For recording from satellites, the operation was based on the 4-Channel Automated Recording unitwithMetus Ingest software.This unitsupports to record multi-channels - multi-formats at the same time, recorded data/programs to be saved onto the central storage orMetus MAM where related departments automatically access to do translation – editing – audio dubbing.

Non-linear editing workstations had plug-in Metus Client module in Edius editing software allowed to access into Metus MAM system to search and extract television data while editing and program producing.

For OBVAN, we added the Camera Wireless system by using wireless transceiver system from BOXX/UK with MERIDIAN product. The advantages of this system is the SD/HD signal to be transmitted with time delay almost zero (zero delay) so it is very suitable to use with Triax Camera systems to make live television events. This wireless system is compatible with all camera systems from Sony, Ikegami … as well as it also has full of control functions for Canon or Fujinon zoom lens and Intercom/Tally/Zoom/Iris … interfaces.

In addition, MEGA also supplied television live signal transmission system via 3G network with products from Teradek/USA, model BOND PRO + Base (Turnkey Sputnik Server & Decoder).



April 2014

MEGA was chosen to be the distributor and supplier some kind of equipments to HD OBVan of Binh Thuan Radio & Television as well as was chosen to design and fully installed for this HD OBVan. Beside of HD Camera system and Video Switcher from Sony, main products were distributed and supplied by MEGA included Converter – Mux/Demux - Distribution – Frame Synchronizer – Up/Down/CrossConversion& Fiber Optical Transmission, all from LYNXTechnik/Germany; MultiviewEquipment from Apantac/USA with the model LX-16HD; Sync Pulse Generator &Waveform Monitor from DK-Technologies/Denmark; Camera Tripod System với model SH100 TDC GL ofShotoku/Japan; HD Video Router 16x16 ofUtah Scientific/USA ; GPS Master Clock ofESE/USA ; Telescopic Mast system ofWill-Burt/USA and several other accessories.







February  2014

MEGA supplied and successfully installed the system for recording and mobile live television to Radio Television & Electronic Information Magazine (E-Info) which belongs to Ministry of Information and Communications of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. All of equipments were installed on a compact mobility rack frame. Main equipments included 4 Sony HD Cameras, Broadcast Pix Granite Video Switcher integrated file playback, character/graphic generator and multiview; PIX-260i HDD Video/Audio Player/Recorder equipment from SoundDevices/USA ; Converter – Mux/Demux–  Distribution – Frame Synchronizer – Up/Down/CrossConversion& Sync Pulse Generator – all from LYNXTechnik AG Germany ; Live Streaming system directly to the centre and Website from Teradek/USA with products BOND Pro + Base ; and Intercom/Tally system.


December  2013

MEGA executed the contract worth about USD830.000 to supply whole equipments to Khanh Hoa Radio & Television Station, included categories:10GB Fiber optic network system to connect together all of program producing departments via Core Switch system HP 5400 zl and Ethernet Switches HP 5120-24G ; NAS Storage with 96TB capacity from Infortrend/Taiwan with the model EonNAS 5120-2 ; 3x HP DL380G8Serversused for Domain/SQL/Management; Media Asset Management software; Xendata software used to manage saved data on LTO system; 2 x Metus Ingest systems; 9 x Non-Linear Editing Workstations built-in Metus MAM; Video Switcher Broadcast Granite Pix for HD Studio ; Converter – Distribution – Frame Sync – Up/Down/CrossConversionequipments & Fiber Optic transmission system for 2 studios, using Series 5000 and Yellobrik products from LYNXTechnik/AG/Germany ; Multiviewer equipment from Apantac/USA ; SD/HD Waveform Monitor from DK-Technologies with the model PT 0710M and other equipments.



November 2013

After success in supplying Metus MAM to Dong Thap Radio & Television Station in year 2010, products distributed by MEGA continuously to be chosen for investment and system expansion to Dong Thap TV. Beside of expansion Storage & Metus Client to access into Metus MAM system, Dong Thap TV also expanded NAS storage system by using EonNAS 5120-2 model with 36TB from Infortrend/Taiwan; Core Switch 10G network system based on HP 5400 zl product. For Master Control Room (MCR) system, based on products from LYNXTechnik/Germany, Dong Thap TV applied to useSDI with audio embedded interfaceto replace for Analog Video/Audio interface, thereby image quality in on-air program to be much improved.

For signal transmission from studio as well as from OBVan to MCR, used fiber optic transmission by Yellobrik product series from LYNXTechnik AG/Germany. In addition, for Dong Thap’ OBVan, MEGA supplied SD/HD DDRequipment from SoundDevices/USA with the model PIX-260i, Slow Motion system 4In/2 Out from BLT/Italy with the model Rus Color. In studio, Dong Thap TV invested the Video Switcher Broadcast Pix Granite to produce talk show programs or live events.



September 2013

MEGA was chosen to supply, install and upgrade studio equipments from SD to HD formatforVietnam Television at Phu Yen Province (VTV Phu Yen), and applied virtual studio function in order to make more diversity – abundance for programs. Beside of camera system supported from VTVCentral, VTV Phu Yen is using HD  Video Switcher with model Granite 2000 from Broadcast Pix/USA, DDRequipment with model PIX-260i ofSoundDevices/USA, Converter – Signal Distribution – Frame Sync/Up-Dw-Cross Conversion– Fiber Optic Transmission – Sync Pulse Generator equipments from LYNXTechnik AG/Germany with Series 5000 and Yellobrik product series and other equipments.




June 2013

MEGA designed, supplied and installed whole equipments used for studying and practicing to Cinema & Stage University Ho Chi Minh City and this was the first equipment system to be invested to this school in HD standard. Thanks to this investment, it brought inspiration to the school Administrators as well as to students in studying and practicing with new technology equipments. The recording system was designed including 4 HD Cameras from Sony, Video Switcher integrated Virtual Studio from Broadcast Pix/USA with Mica series, DDRequipment from FFV/USA, Converter– Distribution - Frame Sync - UP/CROSS/DOWN Conversion equipments from LYNXTechnik AG/Germany. For editing equipment, the school invested to equip 3 various types of editing system, included Grassvalley Edius Pro; Adobe Premiere Pro andApple FCP X.



April  2013

Based on demands to invest upgrading equipment for radio program producing system of Tay Ninh Radio & Television Station, MEGA supplied solutions for transmission and radio live via 3G network by using equipments from Tieline/Australia. For the audio recording room and radio live used Module Audio Mixer S2 and other accessories such as audio distributor, headphone amplifier distributor … from Sonifex/UK. For on-air program used Simian Pro software from BSI/USA. For reporter/editor used News software from WinMedia/France.


January  2013

MEGA supplied and successfully installed Master Control Room (MCR) and Playout Automation equipment system to Lam Dong Radio & Television Station, in that absolutely removed the old analog system by replacing a new system overSDIwith Audio Embedded interface. Thanks to that, image became more clearly and sharply as well as the signal cable system became tidy and simple more than before.  In addition, the application of Multiview equipment removed traditional use separate Video Monitor. Main equipments included: Automation system from PlayBox ; Processing equipments (MUX, D/A, F/S, Up/Down Conversion – Fiber transmission) from LYNXTechnik AG/Germany ; Multiview equipment from Apantac/USA ; Program Recording Metus Ingest / 2-Channel equipment ; NAS Storage 24TB system from Infortrend; 10Gbps fiber optic network equipment from HP with ProCurve 2910al-24Gproduct series ; and several other accessories.


November  2012

MEGA supplied and succeed installation the Digital Video Switcher Broadcast Pix Granite 2000 for HD Studio of Vietnam Television at Ho Chi Minh City (VTV Ho Chi Minh). This was the breakthrough at VTV due to their habit used traditional video switcher from Sony / For-A. In addition, MEGA also supplied several other equipments such as camera crane system9m lengh from CamMate/USA, rubber dolly track system Losmandy FlexTrack from Port-Jip/USA.




September  2012

MEGA supplied and succeed installation studio equipment system working in HD format to Khanh Hoa Radio & Television Station. Beside of Sony HD Camera, video switcher used the model Slate 1000Gh from Broadcast Pix/USA, Converter – Mux/Demux  - Distribution – Frame Sync – Up/Down/CrossConversionequipments from LYNXTechnik AG/Germany, Video Recording equipment Metus Ingest and SD/HD Waveform Monitor from DK-Technologies/Denmark.


April  2012

After succeed in supplying and installation MAM system to Vietnam Television at Phu Yen Province (VTV Phu Yen), MEGA Company continued to be chosen to supply expanding Metus MAM system; 10G Core Switch network system based on HP 5400 zl product series for whole network system of television program producing at VTV Phu Yen. 


October - 2011:

Mêga designed and provided some equipments for HD OBVan 4 Camera of Long An Radio & TV Station: Dual Channel Playback/Record FFV OmegaHD x 2; Wohler/ Panorama  RM-4290W-2HD x 7 + RMT-170e-HD x 2 + RM-3357-HD x 2; SPG, TSG & Waveform of DK-Technologies;  ADC, DAC, DA, SDI to HDMI, Up/Down Converter, FS, Mux, DeMux, SDI to Optical of LYNXTechnik.

August - 2011:

Mega provide and install for VTV at Phu Yen with Metus MAM with 5 clients; Metus Ingest x 2; Infortrend ESDS S24F-G1440 Raid Storage 24TB x 2; Supermicro Server; HP ProCurve 2910/24 with 10Gb/s SFP+ Transceiver.


June - 2011:

Mega provided for HTV a Shared storage system 24TB of EditShare with model ES5U-24TB-12; LTO-5 Library system of Tandberg with model Storage T40+ and networking with HP ProCurve 2910/24 switcher with 10Gb/s SFP+ Transceiver.

April - 2011:

Aftersuccessfulinstallationofthe first HD channelfor SCTV, Mega selectedtoprovidetwonew HD channelssimilar tothe previouschannel, with equipments: Lighting Console & Dimmer system of Dexel & ETC; Sony HD Camera for Studio; Broadcast Pix Video Switcher; PlayBox AirBoxHD Playout;  Metus Ingest x 3; NLE x 4, LYNXTechnik 3G/HD/SD equipments for transmission between Studio - MRC - Headend; Networking with HP ProCurve 2910/24 & 10Gb/s SFP+ Transceiver.


December - 2010:

Mega provided for Tien Giang Radio & TV Station to upgrade studio 3 camera of them, includes: Sony DXC-D55WSP Camera x 3; Canon YJ20x8.5B4KRS Zoom Lens x 3; Sony DFS-800 Video Switcher; ADC, DAC, DA, FS, Mux/DeMux of LYNXTechnik with series 5000.

February - 2010:

Megainstalled and training for Dong Thap Radio & TV Station includes: MCR; Library System; Automatic Satellite Recording System); Studio with 03 Camera; 4xNLEs and networking.

For MRC, Mega provided main productions: PlayBox AirBox x 2 (Master & Slave); LCD SD/HD Monitor of Wohler/Panorama.

For Library System, Mega provided  Metus Library software with 5 clients, HP DL360G5 Server HP and Infortrend Raid 8TB x 2, Metus Ingest x 2.

For Automatic Satellite Recording System, includes Metus Ingest x 4; Router 16x16 of Nevion và Dual 7inch LCD Video Monitor of Righton x 4.

For Studio, use Panasonic AG-HPX302EN Camera x 3; Panasonc AV-HS400A Video Switcher; Wohler/Panorama RM-4290W-HD x 4; Wohler/Panorama RMT-170HD x 2; Metus Ingest for recording,and others.

For Post production, they use Matrox RTX2 x 04.

August - 2010:

Mega designed, provide and setup for Saigontourist Cable TV Company (SCTV) the First HD Channel of them, includes: Automatic Satellite Recording system; Post Production; Studio; Playout system; and Transmission.

For Automatic Satellite Recording system, using Metus Ingest 2channel x 4 and Nevion 16x16 Router.

For Post Production, using 4 x NLEs with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 & HP Z600 Workstation.

For Live Studio: use Broadcast Pix Slate 1000G HD Video Switcher, Metus Ingest for recording, and others

For Transmission, they use ADC, DAC, DA, SDI to HDMI, Up/Down Converter, FS, Mux, DeMux, SDI to Optical of LYNXTechnik product with series 5000.

December - 2009:

Megainstalled and training for Binh Phuoc Radio & TV Station a HD Studio with 4 Camera, main equipments: Hitachi SK-HD1000 Camera x 4; RossVideo Vision 1 QMD/X Video Switcher; LCD SD/HD Video Monitor system of Marshall; ADC, DAC, DA, Encoder/Decoder of Harris.







November - 2009:

Megasuccessfully integratedsystem andprovidedsome equipmentsfor OBVan 8 Camera of Binh Duong Radio & TV Station, such as: SPG PT5300SD & Waveform PT0710M of DK-Technologies; LCD Video Monitor RM-4290-SD x 7 + HDMON-190 x 2 + Touch It Digital-8 x 2 of Wohler/Panorama; 4 Channel Slow Motion SMS-400 of BLT; iDDR of Grassvalley; ADC, DAC, DA, FS of LYNXTechnik and others  Tripod, Audio Mixer, Mast, …


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